Bryn Athyn Historic District

This National Historic Landmark District is home to some of the most remarkable architecture in the Philadelphia area: Cairnwood Estate, a gilded-age historic mansion, the world renowned Glencairn museum, and the Gothic-Romanesque style Bryn Athyn Cathedral.

To learn more about the Bryn Athyn Historic District or to book a guided tour: Telephone: 215-947-2004

Glencairn Museum

Raymond Pitcairn built Glencairn between 1928 and 1939 to house his collection of medieval religious art and as a home for his wife Mildred Glenn Pitcairn and their nine children. Today Glencairn Museum educates visitors about the history of religion, using art and artifacts from a variety of cultures and eras. Collections include ancient Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek, Roman, medieval Christian, Islamic, Asian, Native American and New Church art. Telephone: 267-502-2600;; tours available Monday – Saturday at 2:30 pm.  Reservations are recommended.

Bryn Athyn Cathedral

Dedicated in 1919, the Bryn Athyn Cathedral is a highly-acclaimed Gothic and Romanesque-style complex prized for the old world craftsmanship used to create its distinctive architecture and magnificent stained glass windows. Construction began under the noted Boston architectural firm of Cram and Ferguson in 1913. However, artistic direction soon came under the leadership of Raymond Pitcairn, who adopted methods unusual for the 21st century including soliciting creative ideas from craftsmen and designers, and sometimes employing full-sized models to evaluate the scale. Serious artistic differences with Ralph Adams Cram led to his dismissal in 1917. Creation of the stained glass continued into the early 1940s.

The Cathedral is the episcopal seat of the General Church of the New Jerusalem and a gathering place for members of the New Church from throughout the world. Telephone: 267-502-4600;; the Cathedral is open daily between 1pm – 4pm.


The home of Harold Pitcairn, the youngest son of John and Gertrude and the inventor of the Pitcairn Autogiro and Pitcairn Mailwing, is now home to the General Church offices and is not open to the public.